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L got this done as a surprise anniversary gift.  It shall be printed and framed for our house.  I was left speechless - Superhero at last.  :)

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Today is my 21st wedding anniversary with Lennetta.

I look at that number and shake my head -- I am coming ever closer to being married more of my life than not married. It is a fact that I have known L since before many of you were aware of life (hint: it was before MTV). I think that means I am old, but I'll ignore that thought. :)

I suppose I could wax poetic about romance, stubborness and trickery. I could talk about the ups, downs, peaks, valleys. I could write about the laughs, tears, fights and reconciliations.

But I won't because many of us have those stories and scars.

I will simply say this: I could not be the man I grew up to be without her. Period. End of story.
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...because we need a break from the Real World.

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Stolen with love from [ profile] padiwack:

"My plans for old age? Age badly. Follow random pathways in the forest. Smoke a pipe. Become a hermit. Never shave ever again. Take Ecstasy on weekends. Develop a Valium habit. Read the Bible. Go to Tibet. Become an MP. Change my name. Laugh at economists. Start skanking dancehall style."

~ Thom Yorke (2001
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It's amazing how many people still walk the Earth unscathed simply because I don't think I'd like prison food.
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You know it's gonna be that kinda morning when (2 minutes after starting to read your email) you realize all plans/schedules for the day lasted 2 minutes.
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Caveat: The dead ones are in their prime of mental capacity:

Lucille Ball
Richard Pryor
Jon Stewart
Hillary Clinton

(The conversations between Hillary & Lucy about philandering husbands alone would be worth the price of dinner...)
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Popcorn & Kool-Aid.
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You know it's gonna be one of those days when you spend the entire morning working on several projects and your "to-do" list for the day seems to have gotten longer.



Feb. 6th, 2012 09:59 am
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What has you whistling a happy tune this morning?


Feb. 2nd, 2012 12:44 pm
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Been fighting the Crud that's going around.

Crud is winning. Couldn't make it to work.

Stoopid human body. :)
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Sent a package to NJ from GA UPS Ground on Wednesday. Was supposed to arrive on Friday.
Just got a notice from UPS that it was accidentally routed via Colorado. Late is an understatement.

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Our Grand Dame Mickey passed away this morning...a runt of the litter, she wasn't supposed to make it past 6 months.

She lived 16 glorious years. She was loved beyond measure and will be missed beyond description.

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This is the year I get a fedora.
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The calendar has done its' job and we are back here again.

It's been a year since we lost Michelle/[ profile] olliesmama...and I still want to just go into a dark room and cry when I think about her. Then I hear scolding me in that voice that said She Meant Business, threatening to sing to me if I don't cheer up. :)

I wrote this last year, and it still rings true. Miss you daring - I'm just sayin'. *weak smile*


Michelle was the sister I never had. A partner in crime. She was my Jerome and I was her Morris Day.

We argued about Survivor and reality TV, laughed about her love for Rick Astley and Simply Red and kept planning for one of us to fly to the other and surprise each other. She wanted to see the world, meet the people she knew by name and voice and experience life.

She cheered me up with bad jokes and I gave her hope and distraction from the many problems she faced healthwise.

I don't know what happened...I can only hope it involved her chairdancing and bootyshaking with the music up loud and the cats being amused at their mama.

Because even with her health every point, at every obstacle and at every opportunity -- she Lived.
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I have bought and love Cards Against Humanity (

It is an adult version of Apples to Apples and calls itself "A Party Game for Horrible People". It has sold out each time it hits Amazon.

But what people don't realize is that you can download the game and print it yourself with the game creator's blessing (and instructions):

It ain't right. You have been warned. :)


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