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2014-04-01 09:48 am


Happy "Don't Believe The Crazy Things You Hear/Read" Day!

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2013-11-11 11:52 am
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2013-04-16 12:54 pm
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*peers out into the world*

What are you reading these days?
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2013-03-23 08:08 pm
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Support small NSFW business. ;)

Ever have conversations with people & say "Someone should make this!"?

If you hang around with talented people like I do, it gets made. Go! Get yours! (I already have mine...) :)

It is worth the click.
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2013-01-21 11:49 pm
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On vacation...

...will be observing radio silence.


Y'all behave.


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2012-11-27 02:52 pm

Perspective - I has it, part deux.

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

Yes. I'm still posting here beyond questions, polls and humor.

I had to take a step back until life has paused enough for me to type without cursing the chaos in my world.

TheChild is still here with the Grands. It'll be months or years until she's on her feet enough to leave. That will be the subject of many rants, tears, arguments and general stress in my life.

Doesn't matter today because of something only a select few of you have known about.

In ye olde nutshell:

A few weeks ago, my wife L found a lump in her breast. Mammogram & ultrasound followed. A comparison on her last checkup showed that the mass had grown a wee bit. So off to the surgeon last week to get it checked out. Lots of worry and fear has made sleeping, coping and life in general very interesting.

L just got the call. All clear.

So complaints about politics, family, the weather, Fox News, unemployment - whatever.

My baby is OK - all I'm seeing is sunshine and rainbows today.
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2012-08-20 02:49 pm
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Boosting the signal: Wii Console for sale..

Friend is trying to raise monies for general survival - please email at "lankafw at gmail dot com" if interested:


Looking to sell my Wii console and all games and accessories. Here's what comes in the bundle:
-- Wii console with all its original parts and cables (I THINK an HDMI cable, too, but I have to check)
-- Wii sensor (wired)
-- 3 'official' wii-motes with silicone 'gloves'
-- 2 'nunchucks (nintento brand)
-- 1 'classic' wired controller (nintendo brand)
-- 1 wireless Gamecube controller with its ada
ptor/sensor (works like/better than the classic since it's wireless) (nintendo brand)
-- Wii Fit Plus with balance board
-- Dual Controller Charging Kit (Memorex brand); NiB.
-- Games which includes:
--- WiiSports (the one that comes with the original console)
--- Rune Factory Frontier
--- Boom Blox
--- Rayman Raving Rabbids
--- Super Smash Bros. Brawl
--- Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube game; works on Wii)
--- Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube game)
--- Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
--- Wii Fit Plus (the 'game' that comes with the balance board, as mentioned above)

I'm asking $300 for this entire bundle. My ONLY request is that I be allowed to finish the Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World game before I hand it over (about a week, week and a half I imagine, if I play solid thru). If you need it NOW, I can forgo that request, tho. If you'd like to come over and play it WITH me (hey, lets you test out the system!), I'd LOVE that, too =D

Need to pay bills and the system never gets used [another plus - everything's in great shape since it's been used so very rarely. I think over its lifetime we might have fired it up and actually used it about 20-25 times]. I MIGHT be able to find the box but I can't promise that >_<

If yer interested, please let me know.
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2012-08-14 11:21 am
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Using my powers for good....Honest!

My friend [ profile] n3m3sis42 is doing the LJ Idol thingie & is in the top 7.

Here's the thing - she needs votes!

If you wanna help, please go to the link below to vote for her - you have to join the community to vote in the poll.

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2012-07-18 09:07 am
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Reason #389475 I know I need a vacation

I just saw the sentence "See a Need, Fill a Need" - and could have sworn it said "See a Nerd, Fill a Nerd".

Make your own joke here...
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2012-07-06 01:38 pm

I got nothin'...

Too much stuff going on...brain is full. Gonna grab L and get away for my birthday and to think.

Be back mid-week. All normal Emergency protocols apply.

Be Excellent to Each Other.
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2012-06-04 08:24 am
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Random things...

Note to self: Late-night beer brats lead to weird dreams.

Is it now good manners to ask for a (not first) date via email/text message?

Only in my world is it normal that I have to plan to look through my closet for my Roman Catholic Cardinal costume.

How are you this Monday?
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2012-05-29 08:57 am
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What song do you think of when you think about the start of Summer?
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2012-05-10 03:17 pm
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Better safe than sorry... has a link to a fixed version of LJArchive. I have heard from many people that it now works fine, both syncing entires and comments. I will be using it when I get home.

If you download it, be sure to thank the journal owner [ profile] syredronning, who paid a coder to fix it.

...and back up your data. Always. Often. Twice even. :)

UPDATE: Tried it - worked fine for me. Your mileage may vary...
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2012-04-30 09:36 am
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Things I was reminded of this weekend:

Just being there can be enough. Even when you wish you could do more...
I hate arguing. I'm good at it, but I hate doing it.
Anger is least it should be.
Sometimes, it really is just a Comedy of Errors - not some grand scheme to ruin your day/week/whatever...
Sadly, my car is old enough now where it runs best on Premium.
Time with a fascinating, lovely person can remind you of how great your life is and can be.
With some people - as soon as you give them credit, they screw up.
I need unlimited flight benefits and a large discretionary fund.
Nightmare still suck, no matter how old you are.

My life ain't that bad.
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2012-04-29 01:36 pm
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Food, friends and life

I have a favor to ask.


I am putting together a special kind of cookbook.  I want the recipes of my friends.  The ones you love.  The ones that have been handed down that you'd never want to be lost when you are gone.  Those that make you smile & bring joy (and full stomachs) to those you care about.  I also want a picture of you or you & family, friends, etc. - because I want your smiling faces.


Why?  I fear that as life gets more & more complicated, the simple pleasures are lost.  I want to collect and share them.


You can send one or a hundred.  Email them to  I hope to one day send the completed ebook/document to all my friends.



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2012-04-24 09:23 am
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Went to bed on the frustrated/envious side of the bed.

Sadly woke up there too.

What's making you smile today?