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Federal Withholding Calculator for your W-4 forms.

Figure out what you need to send Caesar next year. :)


And since we are reaching the changing of the year, something I've harped on before:

Since (sadly) I have friends that are in the midst of upheavals, thought this was interesting:

Say you have an insurance policy that has beneficiaries, and you have a will that lists people to whom you plan to leave money or assets. Which one has precedence if you die? The insurance policy does. So, you may have named a former spouse or parent on your 401k or policy years ago. But now you have gotten divorced and have a new spouse as well as kids that you'd like to be your heirs. In other words, your circumstances have changed.

If you die, that money will go to the former spouse and not to your kids. If you have been working for a place for a while or you bought an insurance policy a while ago, make sure you are up to date on who gets your money if you die. With any contract you have, the beneficiary trumps the designation in a will.

Check your IRAs, your 401ks, your stock funds, as well, to make sure the people's names are correct. Make sure your loved ones are secure by doing your homework!


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